In Your Life


I saw you at the virtual show
you looked through me
like a devotee
i thought you might be someone to know
that special tool
that breaks the rule
to fix the long ago


now i just wanna roll with yr dice
and be all beautiful in yr eyes
I don’t give a shit
if we can’t pay the rent
cuz I just wanna live in your life


now you got the keys to my place
but you’re cleanin me up
like you’re shamin a slut
but how can you go callin disgrace
that hella look
that got you hooked
on my adoring embrace?

I guess I sorta like bein liked
(i’m cool to want what you want me to be
if you’re cool that i’m more than the you that you want in me)
and I might go too hard on the spice
(i’m way into you if it’s my way too,
so screw who’s who and be true to your new you)
but, boy, remember this:
you’re the only one I kiss,
cuz I just wanna live in your life.


they say my dirty good side does me bad.
they say my pouty smile ride proves I’m sad.
so what you say you side with me
we’ll fight to keep our bodies free
then maybe all the world will understand


you’ll get some when you get with my love,
just try it once
it’ll honey your nuts,
you can’t hold on if you’re holdin a grudge,
so take my hand
like you’re playin with sand
and we’ll kick our fuckin song in the drums
and rock til we roll
like a super-er bowl
into the home of nothing to judge
it’ll be so nice
like i’ll be your wife
and finally I can live in your life.


Boy Love So Good


u want me worse than money
wanna tunnel in my tummy
ever since u can’t remember
yr just dyin to be my member
hugest user on my server
surfin thru me with such fervor
diggin horny for the harmony
we had before they kickt u outta me.
bb no go free.


cuz there’s nuthin wrong
with wut u luv to do.
every song’s our song
and every night is new.
all those testy girls
hate yr inward-bound,
they want the world,
not wut makes the world go round.


u never gotta fear me, babe,
as long as u can hear me, k?
i’ll show u wut u wanna see
u’ll give me to my fantasy
yr free to tell me all yr feelins
cuz there ain’t no rich in demons,
sure it’s great yr hard for me,
it’s a fatter form of flattery,
first we bang the mother tongue
cuz there’s all kinds a number one,
then treat me like a lion should
I’ll treat u to boy love so good.


i want the back of my mind
in the front of yr mind
i’m a turn-off that no one can find
so keep givin me a sign


soakin up the son light
is healthy, rite?
like wer’d we be
if u weren’t shinin down on me?


a luv that’s built on policy
ever runs the underground,
but a luv that thrives on mystery
swims the creek that baffles their bloodhounds.


i dunno is how i’m doin,
twinkle toes sez yr a shoe-in,
join my limber symphony
but keep it in the fu-un-key
I like I gotta show u nuthin,
shd we clump u won’t need fluffin,
daddy’s got me in the mood
for some a his boy love so good


we’ll hide in the wild wood
n fuck til the wind’s our food


there once was a girl from all wet
who loved every boy that she met
but that didn’t mean
she lickt em all clean
it just meant whatever it meant.


boy love so good
so misunderstood


all that what not got u cranky
now u want me like a blanky
i’m up for sumthin smothery
so come to mommy


Goin Out


Something must be done
I’m missin all the fun
Just tryin to be the only thing u see.
DMing til I’m dumb
I feel so overrun
by dreams that have become my enemy.


why do I care if you follow me?
why’m I so scared of anonymity?
I caught the bug
shot the drug
taught the thug
how to trot the smug
when yr runnin away.


I gotta find a place to get me
some serious irl,
I gotta find some stud t’upset me
til i spill my smell,
maybe he’ll take me
to the island in his head.


I’m goin out!


unbox my three foot heels
make em twirl like louboutons.
squeeze on that skirt as short
as its waiting list is long.
do my hair so wiggy big
Paris can’t see France.
Snapchat all my sweets the sich:
“Tonight, it’s die or dance.”


Not this club again,
The beats are so pretend,
And the dudes can’t tell a princess from a puck.
I want somethin true.
Less trendy, more taboo.
where it’s all bout how you love not how you luck.


come on, girls, i’ll sos to my followers,
hook us up to some real world adventurers,
we’ll smack the road
switch the mode
crack the code
to the episode
where the bruhs all say:
“May I please show you to my flying flower bed
So you can take me to the islands in your head?”
Yo check what mr_voyage just DMd…
We’re goin out!


kick off my three foot heels
and lose my service in the grass.
pull my short skirt up so far
it clears my no-no cache.
get our tags so tangled up
there’s not a secret we don’t share.
go in out go in out go in out
we’re fuckin everywhere.


It Takes Two (To Be A Girl)


touch me up,
my shy better half,
mess around with my effects,
make me simple and complex.


then turn me on
like some hologram,
project me on the moon
and the stars n me’ll spoon


everyone’ll stand and watch us fill the nite
with all they wanna see cuz it’s so outta site
i’ll be called the brightest badass in the world
and only you and I will know: it takes two to be a girl.


what am i
but yr photograph
converted to a dream
so you feel like i should seem


and what are you
but my image mask
you don’t need to pre-install
cuz it’s native to your doll


you say “how are you?” but you’re talkin to yourself
i say “I love you” but i sound like someone else
but we don’t mind cuz we know that character
is what you’re seekin when you ask: it takes who to be a girl?


i’ve dove off the cliff
of my natural gifts
but the water was gone
i’m so hurt i could yawn
if i’m paid


now i’m good in the sense
that i’m swimming against
all the edges i’m on
but i love how you want
me to stay


lemme say
‘fore you get all loud
with yr how things gotta be
for you n so for me


every girl
is a thundercloud
perfect and extreme
alone and overseen


and she can feed the trees or burn the forest down
but she ain’t live near long as the moss upon the ground
yet in her lover’s eyes she sees another her
singin low from evermore: it takes you to be a girl.


Open My Hips


how do you know
where my rivers lead?
where do you go
when you go so deep in me?
you’re such a sweet catastrophe


you’re my super centipede
gimme your load
and I’ll carry it for free
carve my name in your bone
and I’ll swim in your stampede


i’m so glad god is gone
so i can ride on your antlers in the moonlight
i feel like a fragile fawn
baggin me a monster buck for the first time


faster, faster
harder, harder
i never wanna say
we coulda took together farther


rip off your uniform
show me your meteor
i’ll show you my nest (it’s sorta prohibited)


i know you hate everything
but drink from my pretty spring
and you’ll start lovin everything instead


La la la
La la la
I couldn’t sing
til you taught me to say Ah


O wake me up
so you can sup
i’ll lap it up
with my buttercup


sex power money water
i’m havin a son in a daughter
all the deals I ever made
can kiss me in the sticky shade
i’ll float above you til i fall
and crush your formulary soul
you’ll mount me on yr viper hood
we’ll split some cherry firewood


i’m crackin open, bb
O the way you splay me
i’m c…c…c…comin down
please don’t ever leave my mouth


all my ageless
all my rageless
all my cageless
i give to you, my loving troublemaker